Report on 360 Total Security

360 Total Security and firewall protection are a software developed by Qihoo 360, a China-based internet security firm. The main emphasis of 360 Total Security is on avoiding malware just like computer infections, Trojan horse and viruses, and providing complete secureness updates designed for Microsoft Windows. Compared with other security tools, this software has fewer drawbacks just like slow rate and deficient advanced features. However , some programs that claim to become «free» actually contain concealed charges and require subscriptions or purchases. There are some cost-free secureness tools offering basic safety, but it generally has limited protection plus the drawbacks mentioned above apply.

Once we used this boat total securities and compared it with other security equipment, we could see that the software was not only powerful but as well reliable and fast. Compared with other application, it did not have virtually any weak points and performed very well while maintaining it is good reputation. The 360 total security engine is the motor engine that tests the hard disk, registry, and Internet for malicious codes (malware) 360 total security and removes them to prevent further more damage and threats on your system. This engine offers daily security updates free of charge through an Net update program (IIS).

You should want to continuously spend on antivirus updates and protection, IIS is not bad option because it also provides extra features and benefits. It helps you clean your computer registry and defrag your harddrive, making it ready for the next day’s scanning and removal of malicious regulations. This added functionality of 360 total security will certainly be really worth the price, especially if you are not satisfied with its standard features. If you consider that anti virus software should cost you money, then IIS is a perfect choice.

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