How to Obtain a Dominican Marriage Qualification

Marriage reports in the Dominican Republic are managed by Department of Public Defense and Justice of the Dominican Republic. Instructions are released on this webpage, where you can find out tips on how to obtain the matrimony record of a certain person in less than two a few minutes. Marriage is recognized as sacred in the Dominican Republic, and the marriage license serves as proof of that.

Just fill in the form on that page, and we will mail you a demand letter: By non-Dominicans (mainly Brits, Us citizens and Canadians) who did marry in the Dominican Republic, mostly in Playa Dorada & Punta Cana back in the eighties and the nineties, who need a copy of their marriage license from Department of Public Safe practices and Proper rights of the Dominican Republic. The getting a backup of your Dominican Republic marriage record is quite straightforward. You can both visit the neighborhood office of this Vital Statistic Office with the Dominican Republic or one in San Juan Ponce. When you are willing to obtain a paper backup, you will need to see the authorized person in charge of marriage reports and you should be accompanied by a photo ID. The method is none time-consuming neither expensive which is very easy to carry out.

Now that you know how to obtain a Dominican marriage record, all you need to do is to make contact with the specified offices and wait for these to give you your copy for the Dominican relationship certificate within five working days. If you are not really married yet, the fastest way should be to go online and choose a respected and safeguarded Dominican record search service provider. Some sites give free searches; other sites request a a regular membership fee. After getting become a member, you could start searching anytime. The searches are usually appropriate, user-friendly, updated and you will obtain fast results. The skills are definitely worth every ct!

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